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Our Services

Custom Body & Trailer Manufacturing / Conversion Work

At Bayer Truck & Equipment we specialize in producing custom trucks to meet any need. From crane lifts to end dumps, we have the know-how, experience and vision to successfully complete your custom truck to meet and exceed your specifications. Our utility boxes, crane beds and refrigeration units are much more than metal parts, they are advanced mobile workstations engineered for use on the road and out in the field.


Not only can we customize your heavy or medium-duty truck, we can handle the entire conversion from start to finish; this includes ordering the necessary parts, installation and final detailing. We offer a complete line of work bodies and in-depth conversion services to meet the demands and performance requirements you expect from a commercial body shop.


Truck Sleeper Removal

We can convert any sleeper truck into a day cab, which includes:


Truck & Trailer Restoration / Refinishing Services

With today's economy, we understand the need to get every last ounce of usability that you can out of your existing equipment. At Bayer Truck & Equipment we offer full restoration and refinishing services. We can take your old work truck, trailer or body and make it look and function like new again, from rusted utility boxes and worn paint to new, innovative accessories and a polished finish.



When you can't afford something new, make sure to call upon a trusted professional within the truck and trailer restoration business... contact Bayer Truck & Equipment - 320-697-5671.

Full Body Collision Repair & Frame Straightening

Whether you hit a deer or got into a fender bender, Bayer Truck & Equipment is here to smooth out the wrinkles and hammer out the dents. While our focus now lies within work truck conversions and heavy-duty body servicing, we started out doing nothing but collision repair.


Throughout the years we expanded upon our collision repair services to include repair for heavy-duty trucks and equipment. Today our skills and facility are fully capable and equipped for providing frame straightening and auto body repair on semi-tractors, trailers, and large machinery, as well as your day-to-day car, truck or SUV.


Our Affiliated Manufacturers

BTE's Affilicated Manufacturers | Tafco, Shurco, Thieman, Palfinger, Tiger Cranes, Rugby, Luberne, Reading